Wall of Inscription

Inscribing the Names of Your Loved Ones

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Site and Wall of Remembrance at Earl Bales Park, Toronto

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem is committed to supporting Yad Vashem’s vision of commemorating the victims murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators in the Shoah. The Holocaust Wall of Remembrance was built by the Founders of the Society to serve this noble mission.

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Flame at Earl Bales Park, Toronto, was unveiled in 1991, with the Wall of Remembrance following in 2001. Engraved on the Wall are thousands of names of Holocaust victims commemorated by their Canadian families, as well as Holocaust Survivors who rebuilt their lives in Canada and have since passed away.

The site stands as a permanent reminder of the Holocaust’s devastating toll on the Jewish people. It is the Canadian Jewish community’s public symbol of respect for the memories of those who perished in the Shoah and a tribute to the legacy of the Shoah’s Survivors.

It is the Society’s hope that the name of every Holocaust victim is inscribed and every life that survived the Holocaust is remembered. In so doing, we testify to the tragedy of the Holocaust as a whole and help to impart the universal lessons of the Shoah amongst Canadians.

To inscribe the names of your loved ones who perished in the Shoah or who survived the Shoah and have since passed, on the Wall of Remembrance, please download and complete the Inscription Form: and send to the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem:

Email: miriam@yadvashem.ca
Fax: 416.785.4536
Mail: The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem
265 Rimrock Road, Suite 218
Toronto, ON
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