Mobile Exhibitions

Yad Vashem’s Mobile Exhibitions in Canada

Yad Vashem’s travelling exhibitions have been on display in over 15 countries worldwide to great acclaim!

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem is currently mobilizing the BESA exhibit, the Carol Deutsch Portfolio, and the Eichmann exhibit to audiences across the country. These fascinating exhibits are available to be mobilized and presented at community events.

We welcome inquiries from Canadian organizations.

Carol Deutsch Portfolio | Besa: A Code of Honour | The Eichmann Exhibit


Carol Deutsch Portfolio

The Carol Deutsch Portfolio consists of 99 Bible illustrations that Deutsch painted as a birthday present for Ingrid, then two years old, during the Holocaust. Deutsch was tragically murdered at a Nazi concentration camp in 1944, but miraculously the portfolio of paintings survived.


Besa: A Code of Honour
Muslim Albanians Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust

Taken by American photographer Norman Gershman, the photographs in the acclaimed Besa exhibit present Muslim Albanian Righteous Among the Nations, who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. The Albanians’ remarkable assistance to Jews was grounded in Besa, a still-existing moral code believed to be rooted in Islam, by which people are obligated to keep their word and protect the lives of others


The Eichmann Exhibit: 50th Anniversary of Eichmann’s Trial in Jerusalem

The capture and trial of Eichmann, one of the most notorious officers in the Nazi party, is one of the most fascinating occurrences in history. The 50th anniversary of Eichmann’s trial in Jerusalem depicts Eichmann’s early career in the Nazi party, his rise in the ranks, his escape and life in Argentina, the Mossad abduction operation, and Eichmann’s trial and execution. Also on display are artifacts such as photos of Eichmann with members of the Gestapo, his forged passport and worker’s ID when he worked for Mercedes Benz, the Mossad surveillance journal, Eichmann’s fingerprints, and his personal belongings at the time of his capture.