Provincial Ceremony

2015 Queen’s Park Tribute to Holocaust Survivors

Twelve Holocaust Survivors were honoured at Queen’s Park by Premier Kathleen Wynne on April 26 in a warm intimate affair that paid tribute to the survivors’ courage in rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of the Holocaust. The premier graciously acknowledged each survivor with a certificate following Minister Eric Hoskins’ and MPP Monte Kwinter’s reading of the survivors’ bios.

The following survivors were honoured at the Queen’s Park Tribute:

Irving and Sam Bart: Builders Extraordinaire

Their skill in construction not only saved brothers Irving (Izak) and Sam (Shlomo) Bart’s lives during the Holocaust, but helped them to rebuild their lives when they immigrated to Canada.

Jan Blumenstein: Survivor Spirit in a Medical Lab

Jan Blumenstein survived the Holocaust to become one of the most respected and accomplished medical scientists in the world. Despite his significant medical accomplishments, Jan impresses others as one of the most self-effacing people one may come to know.

Gitta Ganz: A Victory Over the Nazis

Although most of her family members were killed in the Holocaust, Gitta’s victory over the Nazis—whose purpose was to annihilate the Jewish people in their entirety—is manifested in the loving family she created with her husband.

Dave Gold: Dream or Nightmare?

Dave Gold’s survival, together with his family’s, might be attributed to his mother’s strange dream…or, perhaps, nightmare.

Max Iland: Finding the Missing Piece

It is ironic that although Max Iland served as an altar boy in the church attended by the Catholic family who sheltered him during the Holocaust, he had two bar mitzvahs, both later in life.

Lore Jacobs: The Last Goodbye

The haunting image of young Lore Jacobs saying goodbye to her parents for the last time as the train pulled away from the station is reminiscent of a scene from a movie.

Martin Kulbak: The Lone Champion

Martin (Moshe) Kulbak was one of the few who survived the horrific circumstances that took the lives of most of the Jews of Michaliszki, Lithuania, during the Holocaust. Yet, he more than survived. He rebuilt a life that many can only admire.

George Landesman: Sleeping Miracle

Everyone who survived the Holocaust has his or her miracle story... Rabbi George Landesman has two to tell.

Manny Langer: Standing Tall

By pretending to be older than his years—standing up straight and talking in a deep voice—and joining the line of adults, Manny was chosen by the Nazis for work rather than death.

Norman Srebrolow: On The Move

Norman (Nachum) Srebrolow has been on the move for much of his life, at times narrowly escaping death.

George Stern: Ko-ach

By the time he turned 14, George Stern was already the embodiment of ko-ach (strength): he had been an air raid commander, saved lives when a train he was on was bombed, and escaped death numerous times.

To nominate a Holocaust Survivor for the 2016 Tribute, please submit the name and story of the Survivor whom you would like recognized to the following:

Tel: 416.785.1333
Fax: 416.785.4536
Mail: The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem
265 Rimrock Road, Suite 218
Toronto, ON
M3J 3C6

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